Movie Star History

Movie Star History

Welcome to Movie Star History, the online movie encyclopedia of classic cinema!

Here you will find biographies and analyses of movie stars and directors who left their mark in cinema history. You will also find complete overviews and analyses of the movies they created.

Movie Star History intends to provide an objective image of the world of classic movies. You will not come across personal reviews of movies or hearsay about actors or actresses, but if persistent rumors were going around it will be mentioned.

Movie Star History is a work in progress. Almost on a daily basis new pages will be added but never will this task be done. After all, the world of classic cinema is immense, divers and almost endless as new movies and stars will enter this online Movie Hall of Fame.

This movie encyclopedia goes back to the early years of cinema, the days of silent movies and title cards. You will also encounter many pages about movies and actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood, from the 1910s up to the early 1960s. In these years movies not only reflected public life, they shaped it. They seeded dreams that would inspire generations to build a better world of their own. With this classic movie encyclopedia we give tribute to the splendid work of all those directors, actors and actresses that created the movies that created our dreams.